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CCNA 2 Summer 2004 Syllabus

Latest Class Announcements updated June 24, 2004

Chapter 10/Module 1:  WAN's and Routers
Module1 Review Quiz

Chapter 11/Module 2:  Router Fundamentals
Module 2 Review Quiz

Chapter 12/Module 3:  Router Configuration
Module 3 Review Quiz

Chapter 13/Module 4:  Learning about
 Neighboring and Remote Devices

Module 4 Review Quiz

Chapter 14/Module 5:  Managing Cisco IOS Software
Module 5 Review Quiz

Chapter 15/Module 6:  Routing and Routing Protocols
Module 6 Review Quiz

Chapter 16/Module 7:  Distance Vector Routing Protocols
Module 7 Review Quiz

Chapter 17/Module 8:  TCP/IP Error and Control Messages
Module 8 Review Quiz

Chapter 18/Module 9:  Basic Router Troubleshooting
Module 9 Review Quiz

Chapter 19/Module 10:  Intermediate TCP
Module 10 Review Quiz 

Chapter 20/Module 11:  Access Control Lists Part 1
Chapter 20/Module 11:  Access Controls Lists Part 2
Module 11 ACL Review Questions
Additional Study Questions for ACL's
ACL Design and Wildcard Review Problem

Additional Readings on ACL's

Turbo Access Control Lists
Designing a DMZ with Cisco products
Secure IOS ACL Template Example


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