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Note:  Most material removed Spring 2004
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Semester 4  Syllabus
Basic Setup Visio Diagram
 View Basic Lab Setup with Configuration Files

Chapter 2 WAN Technologies
Chapter 2 Review Quiz

Chapter 3 WAN Design
Chapter 3 Review Quiz

Chapter 4 PPP
Chapter 4 Review Quiz
PPP Authentication Tree
Sample PPP CHAP Configuration

Chapter 5 ISDN part 1

Chapter 6 Frame Relay
Chapter 6 Review Quiz

Chapter 7 Network Management Part II
Chapter 7 Review Quiz
Out of Band Management Lab Diagram

Chapter 8 Network + Certification Exam Review Part I
Chapter 8 Network+ Certification Exam Review Part II
Chapter 8 Review Quiz

IMPORTANT:  Schedule for last 3 sessions of the term

Chapter 9 CCNA Review Sheet
Router Configuration Command Summary


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