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PJC Fundamentals of UNIX
Presentation Slides, Links, Syllabus, and News

Fundamentals of Unix Summer 2004 Syllabus

Unix Command Summary (chapters 1 - 16)

Installation of "coursefiles" on home system

Latest Class Announcements updated June 5, 2004

Chapter 1 Presentation
Chapter 1 Review Quiz


Download a copy of Solaris 9.0

Download a copy of Fedora Core 1

Download a copy of Mandrake

Chapter 2 Presentation
Chapter 2 Review Quiz


The Gnome Homepage

Chapter 3 Presentation

Chapter4 Presentation
Chapter 3/4 Review Quiz

Chapter 5 Presentation
Chapter 5 Review Quiz

Chapter 6 Presentation
Chapter 6 Review Quiz

Chapter 7 Presentation
Chapter 7 Review Quiz

Chapter 8 Presentation
Chapter 8 Review Quiz

Chapter 9 Presentation
vi Command Summary Handout
Chapter 9 Review Quiz


Tutorial on EMACS

Chapter 10 Presentation
Chapter 10 Review Quiz

Chapter 11 Presentation
Chapter 11 Print Lab Output
Chapter 11 Review Quiz


Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS)

Chapter 12 Presentation
Chapter 12 Review Quiz

The $gzip utility

The GNU Project Website

Chapter 13 Presentation
Chapter 13 Review Quiz

Chapter 14 Presentation
Chapter 14 Review Quiz

Chapter 15 Presentation
Chapter 15 Review Quiz
Download Chapter 15 Scripts (scripts.tar.Z)

Chapter 16 Presentation
Chapter 16 Review Quiz

Final Written Exam Topics Study Guide

Internet Naming Service (ICANN)

OpenSSH (Secure Shell)

Chapter 17:  Career Guidance


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